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Educational Discounts on NVIDIA Tesla

As a Preferred Solution Provider, Broadberry have teamed up with NVIDIA to offer special pricing on Tesla-based GPU solutions.

Educational & Research customers can benefit from up to £15,000 off each server

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Please read our Education Pricing Discount eligibility requirements to ensure you are eligible for this special discount:

  • A public or not for profit K-12, vocational school, college, junior college, university, scientific or technical institution with a primary focus on teaching students.
  • For use by students or employees of an education institution, with .edu or .ac email addresses.
  • Government-sanctioned agencies purchasing on behalf of a pool of schoolS, colleges or other small educational institutions.
  • Organisations and individuals directly related to the academic institution, for example hospitals wholly owned and operated by an education institution.
  • For-profit institutions, for example training centers that operate a business, as well as students, teachers, researchers, lecturers and tutors affiliated with such institutes are NOT eligible.

Excelling in computationally intensive environments, Broadberry rackmount servers powered built with NVIDIA Tesla is the ultimate option in high speed computing, with up to a massive 20x GPUs available within a single solution.

Delivering huge processing power and high level performance, GPU SuperComputing significantly accelerate applications. Deployed by a number of the world’s biggest supercomputing enterprises, NVIDIA Tesla is the world’s leading platform for accelerating data centres.

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