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Market Specific Solutions

Broadberry boast a large range of server, storage and high-performance workstation solutions especially designed for particualar markets and applications.

Read more below about how some of our multi-award-winning, enterprise-grade solutions are used by some of the world's largest organisations.

Big Data Server & Storage Solutions

Broadberry Big Data server and storage solutions supercharge your Big Data applications through the latest hardware and software advances from PCI-E NF1 drives to Tesla GPU processing


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is the latest stage in the optimisation of infrastructure that has continued to gain pace in the last few years, having been proven to deliver significant benefits.


Open Standards Hardware

With Broadberry’s range of open standards servers, enjoy full compatibility and be rid of vendor lock-in. We never vendor lock and our servers feature full compatibility with all major storage server software.


Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage is the concept of having storage infrastructure controlled and automated by intelligent software, rather than the hardware itself.


InterPlanetary File System Storage Solutions

InterPlanetary File System is a distributed system that is used for accessing files and data. A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol, IPFS is designed to make the web upgradeable, resilient and more open.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Servers

Broadberry have established themselves as one of the largest server and storage providers in the UK, specialising in the field of HPC and artificial intelligence.


Database Appliance Server

Designed for the most demanding database applications, Broadberry's high performance database appliance boasts a blisteringly fast 1.6 million IOPS and is powered by the latest HPC components.


HPC - High Performance Computing

Broadberry Data systems are recognised as a leading provider of High Performance Computing solutions. Over the years we've supplied specialist HPC solutions to universities, research institutions, governments and more.


Application / Industrial Server

We're often asked by customers to upgrade their existing legacy system, or offer a total pre-built and configured solution as per customers specification. These systems can be based on legacy software such as Windows XP.


Legacy Systems

Broadberry Data Systems supply a range of legacy systems. Legacy can be determined by a range of features, i.e.can the system support older generation add in card such as ISA, PCI or PCIX or older software also supplied with the system.


CCTV Storage

CCTV is an ever increasing market for storage, this is due to 2 main reasons, more and more installations are being implemented, the other is that the existing CCTV solutions are upgrading to High Definition.


Broadberry Celebrating Over 30 Years.

Engineer performing test.Notre Procédure de Tests rigoureuse

Avant de quitter nos ateliers, toutes les solutions de serveur et de stockage Broadberry sont soumises à une procédure de test rigoureuse de 48 heures. Ceci, associé à un choix de composants de haute qualité, garantit que toutes nos serveurs et solutions de stockage répondent aux normes de qualité les plus strictes qui nous sont imposées.

Broadberry professional.Une Flexibilité Inégalée

Notre principal objectif est d'offrir des serveurs et des solutions de stockage de la plus haute qualité. Nous comprenons que chaque entreprise a des exigences différentes et sommes en mesure d'offrir une flexibilité inégalée dans la personnalisation et la conception de serveurs et de solutions de stockage.

Les Plus Grandes Marques nous font Confiance

Nous nous sommes imposés comme un incontournable fournisseur de stockage en Europe et fournissons depuis 1989 nos solutions de serveurs et de stockage aux plus grandes marques mondiales. Quelques exemples de clients :

NASA, BBC, ITV, SONY, SKY, Disney, Google logos.